The Alternate Prospectus

The Alternative Durham Open Days will run alongside the official Durham University Summer Open Days, on 27th June and 2nd July. They are being organised by a coalition of student groups, associations and societies, alongside TU branch Durham Unite Community and other local grassroots activists. The demands of this action are that both college accommodation fees and international fees be fixed at the level of this year (2015/16), followed by a two year freeze on each.

  • An online Alternative Durham Prospectus has been launched, including endorsements from notable Durham alumni. It highlights issues such as:
  • High college accommodation fees and international fees and their detrimental effects on accessibility, diversity and local communities
  • Issues of student safety
  • The University’s poor sexual assault policy
  • The University’s refusal to pay all its staff a living wage
  • The University’s investment in fossil fuel companies and arms manufacturers

This action builds on years of escalating student protest at Durham, including opposition to the fee hikes from the Student Union and college representatives. Durham students’ ‘Funeral for Accessible Education’ in November gained national media attention, and involved over 300 students.

Organisers have been clear that this action is a last resort. Should the University meet these demands, the Alternative Open Days will not go ahead. They are also keen to emphasise that their goal is not to actively discourage potential students from applying.

You can read the prospectus here:


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